Joomla Template Customization


A Joomla Template is, quite simply, a set of files that determine the look and feel of your Joomla-powered website. Templates generally include information about the general layout of the site and other content like graphics, headers, logos and footers. Template does not include Joomla demo content and articles. Our Joomla Template controls the overall look and layout of your site. It provides the framework that brings together common elements, modules and components as well as providing the cascading style sheet for your site. Both the Front-end and the Back-end of your site have templates. When Joomla! is installed several templates are automatically included. There are two types of Joomla templates , one is Front-end templates , these templates change the way your site looks to average users and the other template is the Back-end Templates , these are much rarer than Front end Templates and allow you to change the way the administrator interface looks. There is a very important role of templat es in Joomla as the way Joomla is designed separates out the key tasks involved in producing a website for efficient maintenance of the software. One of these tasks is to create the the look, feel and layout of the site. This includes making decisions such as which content elements , components, modules and plugins you may want to place in any given page.


There is a lot you can do with Joomla Template Customization , we can completely change your website to a new lease on life. We offer awesome templates and outstanding technical support to help your projects stand out from the crowd. Thousands of happy clients around the world agree: We'll get you up and running, looking perfect, and coming back again for more. Joomlaites is the best Joomla and WordPress resource on the planet, providing thousands of web developers around the world with top-notch Templates, custom extensions and incredible support since years.

We create Joomla templates keeping in mind your ideas and concepts. We keep in touch of the latest technologies and trends and incorporate the same in our designs. Whether you need a Customized Joomla template or a simple template it can be done as per your requirements. Our Customized Joomla templates which are visually appealing, provide a rich user experience, and are search engine friendly. We have many varieties of joomla templates, so that we can easily satisfy clients needs and keep your website looking fresh. Our Customized Joomla Templates respond perfectly for all device resolutions like mobiles, tablets and the browser size of your site visitor. That way, your site will look great no matter what sort of device it is viewed on. We know how the support is important to you. We put a huge amount of effort into providing quality support to our customers.


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